Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards

Flash cards can assist a child in automatically recognizing sight words. Repetition is a key component when developing a sight word vocabulary. Sight word flash cards are easy to make and affordable.

Make the creation of the flash cards a fun activity. Encourage your child to trace the letters on each flash card with dotted lines. Using markers or crayons, decorate the sight word flash cards with the bubble font. Color each sight word and/or add a drawing to represent the word (some words will be almost impossible to illustrate, e.g., the, is. For a more formal look, use the regular font flash cards. I would recommend laminating each card or printing on card stock paper. You will most likely use these flash cards on numerous.

Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards 1
Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards 4
Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards 9

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